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Salmon fishing on the
Fowey in Cornwall

These angling articles, some written specifically for Get Hooked, will help you get the most out of your fly fishing in the Westcountry.

There is advice on tackle, bait and where to fish. Some are specific to particular areas, others more general. Even seasoned local anglers are sure to find some useful information among them. Not all are advice, some are humorous, others intend to inform on ecological and environmental issues. We are sure you will enjoy reading them.


Submitted by jane on November 6, 2017 - 4:36pm

Rules, rules, rules. Theoretically, the Environment Agency is in favour of fishing – healthy outdoor sport, encourages respect for nature, spreads a tourist dollar or two, etcetera. But all its promotion is about fishing stocked ponds and lakes. When it comes to wild fishing, angling gets hobbled with so many restrictions it’s a wonder anybody bothers at all.

South West Fishing for Life - Blakewell Trout Fisheries - Barnstaple

Submitted by Mandi on September 20, 2017 - 12:09pm

South West Fishing For Life have started a new Fly Fishing group for breast cancer patients in North Devon.

Gillian Payne who founded the group says its offers support and new friendships for ladies that have had breast cancer or lymph node surgery.

Fly fishing not only provides gentle relaxing exercise, but in this wonderful atmosphere, refreshes the soul as well.

The group meet up every first Wednesday of the month 2-4pm at Blakewell Fisheries, Barnstaple, North Devon. No experience necessary.

East Lyn Fishery to Remain Closed Sept 2013

Submitted by Mandi on September 11, 2013 - 4:05pm

 East Lyn Fishery to remain closed - September 2013

The Watersmeet and Glenthorne fishery on Exmoor’s River Lyn is to remain closed until the end of the 2013 season to safeguard salmon and sea trout stocks. The Environment Agency closed the fishery on July 12 following a higher than normal number of fish deaths due to disease. The action was taken to reduce stress on remaining fish and ensure as many as possible successfully spawn later this year. A similar outbreak occurred on the East Lyn in 2012. Symptoms shown by diseased fish include open lesions around the head and fungus on fins and other parts of the body. A detailed post mortem examination of a salmon carried out at the Agency’s National Fisheries Laboratory proved inconclusive.

Learn to Fly Fish at Kennick Reservoir 2013

Submitted by Mandi on May 21, 2013 - 3:15pm

At Kennick Reservoir, Christow, near Exeter

Full Day sessions
10:00am to 4:00pm
Starting with the basics of equipment, casting techniques, knots, fly selection, fishing techniques, playing and landing a fish. Also opportunity to fish in the afternoon. Price includes tuition, loan of all tackle and fishing permit..

Sat 8 June, Sun 23 June, Sun 7 July, Sat 27 July 2013
Cost £25 payable in advance to South West Lakes Trust
All events are covered by an Environment Agency temporary rod licence so no need to purchase a separate licence. Not suitable for children under 13. Must be booked in advance.
For full details or to book a place please contact Mike Holland on 01392 354019 or email [email protected]

Spring Conference 2013 - Exmoor’s Rivers

Submitted by Mandi on April 18, 2013 - 12:57pm

The recent dramatic flooding before and after Christmas was a timely reminder of the power of Exmoor’s rivers. Bridges were damaged or destroyed, fields denuded of soil,tarmac ripped up on roads and lanes, trees and silt deposited in different places and many houses flooded. It could be argued that we neglect at our peril the importance that rivers
and streams play in our lives. Exmoor’s rivers are an important source of supply for drinking water and water quality;
they provide crucial habitats which support a wide range of species including salmon and other migratory fish. Many of the fast flowing scenic rivers have carved dramatic landforms and picturesque floodplains, evoking a strong sense of place and attracting

South West Lakes Trust Trout Fishing Competitions 2013

Submitted by Mandi on April 18, 2013 - 11:25am

Fly Fishing on Wimbleball Lake

Trout Fishing Competitions 2013 - Sat 20 April 2013 to Sun 1 September 2013 

At South West Lakes Trust we extend a warm welcome to all trout anglers, whether beginner or expert.

Throughout 2013 we will be running a number of fishing competitions for individuals, pairs and groups. The range of fishing we offer ensures excellent sport for all anglers. Our still water rainbow and brown trout fisheries are among the best in the West, with natural, free wilderness sites offering an inexpensive, but maybe challenging, day out in beautiful countryside.

 2013 Competitions

South West Fishing For Life

Submitted by Mandi on March 13, 2013 - 4:24pm

Fishing is not on the top of the list of things to do when you have been through the trauma of breast cancer, and trying to get your life back together again. But as the members of an organisation called Fishing For Life have discovered it is exactly what this group has helped them to do. SWFFL provides a network of friends and support to help breast cancer patients with ‘moving on’ and coping with difficult times, as well as the ability to share information and experiences with people who can empathise. Thanks to the generosity of various waters and all the volunteers these days are free for the members to attend and also provide them with a social and supportive network.

South West Fly Fair 2013

Submitted by Mandi on February 27, 2013 - 11:59am

   ******** South West Fly Fair, Roadford Lake - Sat 9 Mar 2013 **********

  Calling all fly fisherman, both novice and advanced!

On Saturday 9 March Roadford Lake, near Launceston, will be hosting a new attraction - The South West Fly Fair, organised jointly by South West Lakes Trust and the Westcountry Rivers Trust. The event, which is set to become a regular feature in the trout fisherman's calendar in anticipation of the new season, includes the opportunity to watch and learn from some of the greatest fly-tiers in the region, brush up on casting skills, see and try the latest tackle and listen to a series of guest speakers.

With free entry and with a variety of activities on offer the event is definitely one not to be missed!

The fair will run from 2pm - 7pm and will include trade stands, fly tying demonstrations and clinics and the opportunity to learn from the experts and have a go yourself.