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South West Fishing For Life

Gillian Payne
March 13 2013

Fishing is not on the top of the list of things to do when you have been through the trauma of breast cancer, and trying to get your life back together again. But as the members of an organisation called Fishing For Life have discovered it is exactly what this group has helped them to do. SWFFL provides a network of friends and support to help breast cancer patients with ‘moving on’ and coping with difficult times, as well as the ability to share information and experiences with people who can empathise. Thanks to the generosity of various waters and all the volunteers these days are free for the members to attend and also provide them with a social and supportive network.

Fishing For Life is not all about fishing but ME time and a soul finding time in beautiful locations, back with nature by still waters. If fishing is not really your idea of fun there is always a cup of coffee and plenty of chat and time for a walk. We always encourage friends and family to support, do their own thing while the members are having fishing instruction and then joining in the refreshments afterwards. Since South West Fishing For Life was founded in 2008 on Wimbleball Exmoor we have grown to 5 groups, Kennick in Devon, Siblyback in Cornwall, Chew Valley in Bristol and the Pennines, Bolton. Group number 6 is on the drawing board for Dorset and we hope to be up and running by the summer! As we have grown and moved from the south west we call the other groups Fishing For Life.

In time we hope to have groups all over England so anyone who has suffered or is living with breast cancer can enjoy what our unique groups have to offer support, friendship, Me time, caring volunteers who listen and lots of fun and laughter! Please look at our web site for more information.