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Invitation to sign up to the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS)

Westcountry Rivers Trust
October 15 2022

The Westcounty Rivers Trust are asking bait and tackle businesses in Devon and Cornwall to sign up to the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS) to divert line towards recycling facilities.

        Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

The Westcountry Rivers Trust will do a site visit and sign your business up to the ANLRS at no cost to you. The Westcountry Rivers are a partner on the Preventing Plastic Pollution project, a European funded project that allows us to deliver this service for free, we are proud to be supporting businesses that wish to reduce their environmental impact. If you decided to sign up your business to the ANLRS with Westcountry Rivers Trust can also offer additional benefits, such as 2 social media shout outs at a time of you choosing (before March23) and your logo will appear in an end of year film (should you wish).

Interested? Let me know, or give me a call if you want a chat about it,

I look forward to hearing from you,          


Perry Burns (he/him)
Education and Engagement Officer
Westcountry Rivers Trust
07807 116545