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The West is Best!

December 8 2008

A large number of Anglers visit the west country each year to take advantage of the excellent Sea and Game fishing to be had in and around Devon.
From Easter onwards the fishing gets better and better with any angler being spoilt for choice. Off the coast anglers can hire a boat for the day, with an experienced Skipper and the use of all tackle included in the cost. The quarry ranges from Porbeagle and Blue Shark to Mackerel and Bass with almost everything in between. Mid summer sees the Bass and Mackerel move much closer inshore and these fish can be caught from any number of beach or pier marks around the coast.
For the Game angler there are also a vast number of places to fish and fish to catch. April, May and June are generally regarded to be the best months to land a Salmon. Mid June, July and August can be superb for Sea Trout with the larger fish showing early on and the 'school peal' entering the rivers in very large numbers from late July. Trout, both river and lake, are at their best in May and June with some prolific fly hatches making for an extremely enjoyable day's fishing. Come September and the season enters its last month. This is the last opportunity to get some excellent river sport as the Salmon and Sea Trout take advantage of the first rains after the summer, to storm the rivers in great numbers. Any angler fortunate enough to be by the water just as the river drops after this first spate can expect some unbelievable sport.

Fly Fishing Tips

When fishing a lake during an evening rise and having little or no success, try changing to a tiny dry fly (about size 16/18) and putting on a very delicate leader (2-2.5lbs b.s.), above all else be sure your leader is sunk.

Sea Trout are not only caught at night. Some excellent bags have been had on small weighted nymphs and dry flies when fishing the crystal clear smaller streams, such as the river Bray.

When Salmon fishing during the summer the commonest problem is using too large a fly. The most successful fly on the Taw and Torridge in high summer is a size 10, 12 or even 14 double Stoat's Tail.

A number of private trout beats are catch and release. If this is the case or if you don't mind returning your fish, squeeze the barb off your hook and make it easier to return the fish.

If you are going out night fishing for Sea Trout ensure that you have walked the beat in daylight and know how deep it is and where the fish are likely to lie.