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Devonport Services Coarse Angling Association

Devonport Services Coarse Angling Association
22, Littlewood Close Plympton
PL7 2HB Plymouth, Devon
Lee Rounce - Hon Sec DSCAA
07779 860339

Fishing Details

Two Coarse Lakes near Hemerdon/Sparkwell, Plymouth. The Association also has access to other waters and can be available to members for a small daily fee which goes into the Funds towards Feed. More details on joining regarding these waters.
Carp, Crucian, Roach, Rudd, Chubb, Ide, Tench, Bream, Perch, Gold Fish, Koi Carp. Eels..

Membership is only available to Serving and Ex serving members of HM Forces including Civil Service, the Police Force , Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, MOD and support to HM Forces. All must complete an application form and submit it with fees to the Hon Sec DSCAA. Family Memberships are also available to the Spouse and Children (under the age of 18) subject to completing an application form. A Valid Rod Licence must be held on all of our waters and those we have access to.* Updated 1/2022


Please email for further information.

No close season for coarse fish.
Barbless hooks only at the coarse fishery. Knotless keepnets to be used as per E.A. guidelines, minimum 3 metres length. All spawning fish are to be returned to the water immediately. No Carp over 2lb in keepnets.There is also tuition available to the Novice on our own waters, again more details on contact.
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