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Rackerhayes Complex

Rackerhayes Complex
PO Box 229
TQ12 3RN Totnes
Newton Abbot Fishing Association
01626 834032

Fishing Details

See entry under Newton Abbot Fishing Association. 6 waters just outside Newton Abbot. Island Pond 5 acres, First Pond 2 acres, Dores Pond 9 acres (full members only), Linhay Pond 3 acres, Weedy Pond (just under 1 acre) and Wheel Pond (juniors have preference). Disabled toilet facilities at Rackerhayes.
Island Pond: most species, Tench over 10lb. Good sized Roach, Rudd, Pike, Bream and Eels. First Pond: Good head of Carp to 20lb, Tench, Roach, Bream etc. and a large number of Jack Pike. Wheel Pond: Carp to 14lb, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Golden Orfe, Tench and occasional small Pike. Linhay Pond: Most coarse species with some excellent Bream. Dores Pond: Very large head of Carp to 30lb, superb Tench averaging 6lb and up to 11lb 15oz. Weedy Pond: Most coarse fish including good Tench and some large Carp.

See main entry. Tench 8lb, Bream 8lb. Weedy Pond - Carp 15lb, Tench 6lb, lots of silver fish. Dores Pond - Full members only - Carp 36lb, Tench 10lb, Pike 20lb, Bream 10lb.

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Newton Abbot
Disabled Facilities: 
Yes (confirm before travel)


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Newton Abbot Fishing Association - Devon

Newton Abbot Fishing Ass - Devon
Newton Abbot Fishing Association has the rights to over twelve waters in the Newton Abbot area.

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