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Sustainable Angling - Poster, Survey & Top Tips from Mike Cook

Mike Cook
April 24 2019
Many people I've spoken to throughout the years have a problem with anglers because they think that fishing with rod and line contributes to declining fish numbers. I think many of these people have this belief because they've witnessed some anglers keep juvenile fish or just far too many for one person. I believe that anglers can be sustainable if we just:
• Respect the fact that ecosystems are finite and return the fish you don't want to eat.
• Know what equipment and methods to use to prevent fish from dying during or after the unhooking process.
• Know and respect the minimum size regulations that have been put in place for various species.
Therefore, I have made a website which serves as a guide to sustainable angling. I'd love it if you could check it out. if you like it.
 I hope the website can inform beginners and experts alike; although beginners will definitely get the most out of it. Heres the link!:
I have also made the guide into a poster 
 I hope to put the poster up at popular local fishing spots in my city (Plymouth) to inform beginner anglers. 
Oh and finally, I have also created a survey to help understand the mindset of other anglers and get people thinking about the issue I have raised. 
Heres a link to the survey :