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Spotlight on Club Brunel - An update by Vic Barnett February 2022

Vic Barnett
February 1 2022
Fishing with Club Brunel - Cornwall
Fishing Lake Club Brunel Cornwall
2020 brought a devastating Virus to these shores which saw the Rest of the World shut down with this Pandemic. Travelling was almost out of the Question and hobbies took a massive downturn for all Sports. 
Coarse Fishing too found itself with hardly anyone being able to visits banks on either Canals, Rivers and Lakes throughout the Country. 
Distances had to be kept between Anglers and Maintenance had to be carried out whilst distancing of 2mtrs was required.
The day some restrictions were lifted, was the day a sigh of relief was felt by all. At Club Brunel we continued to maintain our Lake and in places re-furbished all Swims using old Decking. A new Disabled Swim was built and the tidying up of the sides of the Lake began. 
“The Team” continued to work away clearing the discarded cuttings that had been left there for some years earlier. It was felt that the whole Lakeside needed to be spruced up as it looked tired and overgrown with passed tree pruning.
After two years of the Pandemic now changing to Endemic we have finally neared to where this Committee and “The Team” wanted to be. Gone is the look of a tired Lakeside with a Spawning area having been created. The Shallow area had a major Haircut and the green growth in just two years has been phenomenal. By clearing the overgrown Willows in this area it has opened up the daylight for the Plants that had been planted. Phragmites,  ( Norfolk Reed)has shocked all by deciding to grow over 8ft tall. The spawning area had its first Carp spawning in the bay within a week of completing the area.
Bank-side erosion was also halted with a Grant from the Environment Agency for some Coir Rolls (pre-planted), Brushwood Faggots, posts, securing Nylon string. Labour amply supplied by the Members, was installed within a week of receiving the materials. So quick was this all achieved that the Environment Agency decided to visit us along with a senior Manager. To say that they both were very impressed is to say it lightly. 
So now that we are into 2022 and the restrictions being eased we continue to go forward. This year we are concentrating on the building of the “Boardwalk” across the shallows which; as we speak is halfway. 
All made easier with Workdays “Brunches” of Sausages, Eggs, Bacon, Mushrooms and Freshly made Large Baps, washed down with Tea beverage and as always plenty of Banter of How big the Fish wasn’t ........
Some Pictures to show that anything is Achievable. Our Membership is absolutely Full and a waiting List is in Operations to all those we have whetted the appetite to join us. Despite the Pandemic the work needed to arrive where we are today has taken only Seven years to achieve. The last two years being the most difficult. 
Work at Club BrunelWork at Stream Club BrunelFish stocking Club BrunelWork on the Deckboards at Club Brunel
Now, let’s get some Fishing done !!
Club Brunel PerchNice Catch at Club BrunelFine net of Crucians Club BrunelClub Brunel Fishing Lake
Vic Barnett
Club Brunel Chairman