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Not all are specific to Game, Coarse or Sea Fishing. All the clubs and associations cover our South West region - an area which includes Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and a small part of Hampshire. We are keen to promote Angling events within our region. If you have an event or article you would like considered for publication on our website please email [email protected] along with your contact details.

Team Get Hooked were delighted to try out Jake & Nayns' Naansters  range of delicious curry filled light and fluffy naan bread. Available in four flavours, they can be eaten hot (in the microwave) or cold and they won't fall apart whilst eating them!

 "Well these were a very nice... Read more

Get Hooked Guide | April 17 2019 | Other Articles

Russell Symons, MITD

The Southwest Peninsula's rugged coastline is washed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream for much of the year. This combined with the milder climate of this wonderful part of the country, provides a rich and varied habitat for the prolific number of species prized by the sporting Sea Angler.

Anglers visiting the region for their annual holidays... Read more

Russell Symons | December 10 2008 | Sea Fishing Articles: Tips and Advice
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Any bites Josh?

Josh, you OK?


Josh was asleep.

Well, it was just past midnight and he'd never been up that late before.
How many of you have experienced taking one of your children on their first 'all nighter'? How was it for you? for me it was hugely enjoyable, a mixture of pride and... Read more

Graham Sleeman | December 9 2008 | Coarse and Carp Fishing Articles
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Help protect and conserve wild salmon, trout and their waters by supporting the Salmon and Trout Conservation Auction!
Sea Bass Fisheries Conservation UK | December 9 2018 | Tips and Advice
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