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Lucy Bowden Talks About Fishing For Everyone And Her Passion For Angling November 2011

November 3 2011

November 2011

One of the questions many people ask me when they find out I’m an angler is what got me into it and why is it such a big part of my life. My response always is, “My Dad got me into the sport and for that I am eternally grateful.” Angling like with many of us, to me is more than just a hobby, it is my life and everything I do, the people I know and my career revolves around that one hobby. Fishing For Everyone was first created in 2005 from the adolescent idea that I wanted to encourage more people, in particular more females into the sport of angling. I was young at the time and wanted to make a difference for the good. Although things didn’t happen overnight, over a period of time I feel I’ve established myself as a dedicated and proactive role model for ladies in the sport.


Many people do not realise it but in fact the FFE website was just that to begin with– an information website before a year following its initial launch it was developed into an e-commerce website selling ladies angling clothing and accessories, and later on, my coaching services. Although I’m only 24 years old now, two years ago I decided I wanted to give something back to my community and so went about founding the Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club, an angling club dedicated to encouraging more ladies into the sport of angling. Although it wasn’t an easy task, in its first year the Club proved such a success that by year two we applied for official angling Club status and a committee was put in place, along with club rules and a constitution. Today the Club hold regular events every month covering all angling disciplines from fly fishing to predator, sea and coarse fishing.


The club is open to all females and junior members under the age of 17. I stand as Chairman and I’m very proud of what we’ve created. Recently someone asked me, what’s in it for you, why do you give up your free weekend’s to voluntarily run a ladies fishing club? Why not I often say back... there are few things I’d rather be doing. Seeing the faces of those young and old catch their first fish does it for me every time... it’s more than just catching fish, it’s an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Since forming the club I’ve qualified as a level 2 UKCC Game Angling Coach and the youngest female coach of this description in the UK. Knowing this fact is a huge honour for me and actually quite a scary thought. I love coaching and like to get out regularly – it’s in my blood, young and old, male and female – it doesn’t matter.

As well as running my own business and standing as Chairman of a fishing club I also work full time for world renowned fishing tackle manufacturer, Hardy & Greys. I’ve been with the company for nearly four years and love the variety of the job. Recently I have attended various enterprise days in local schools and

workshops where I have given motivational talks.Many have asked, do you think you are a success or where do you want to be in five years time? I like to get them thinking and ask them what determines success. Is it making money, having a nice house or flash car or is it achieving what you’ve always wanted, being happy in yourself, self assured and confident with the person you are. For me, it’s certainly the latter.

Lucy coaching Lucy

Fishing and the great friends I’ve met along the way have made me who I am today... I’m sure no other industry can do the same. As for where do I want to be in five years time, I often look back five years ago when I was 19 and never had an inclination I’d ever be where I am today so the answer simply is, who knows – happy, healthy and successful I hope. Bring on the fishing!

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