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Upham Farm - Exeter

Upham Farm
EX5 2HZ Exeter, Devon
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~ Upham Farm Is Situated in Farringdon And Offers Excellant Carp & Tench Fishing ~

~ Upham Farm Is Situated in Farringdon And Offers Excellant Carp & Tench Fishing ~

Upham Farm is situated in Farringdon near Exeter and offers excellent Carp & Tench fishing and has built up a great reputation for anglers of all abilities whether you are a beginner or a more advanced angler. We have 7 lakes in total, each one offering different fishing but all located in a quiet tranquil location.

Pond 1 is stocked with common and mirror Carp to 15 lbs. Ornamental ghost and Koi Carp have recently been introduced. This pond is for the angler who likes a challenge.

Pond 2 is well stocked with Carp and Tench, mostly under 3lbs with a few larger Carp to around 12 lbs. This pond is very good sporting and beginners pond. Catches over 100 lbs are frequent in the summer months.

Pond 3 is stocked with Carp to around 8lbs and Tench to 6 lbs. The overhanging bushes at the lower end of this pond provide shade, and fish can often be tempted here in the Summer months.

Pond 4 is our old Specimen pond and it still has some great fish, including many doubles and a couple of twenties. The tench go to 7 lbs. The margins tend to be very productive.

Pond 5 is a good mixed pond, quite deep - 10 feet in places, and contains our best tench weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz. Carp go up to around 16 lbs and bream to 2lb.

Pond 6 is well stocked with many smaller Carp and Tench, mostly under 2-3lbs, with some larger ones to about 11 lbs. It is an ideal sporting or beginners pond. Matches are sometimes held on this pond.

New Specimen Pond 7 opened in the Spring of 2009. This is much larger than any of the existing ponds at Upham Farm, and has been stocked with large specimen Carp. It has a long central island and numerous underwater shelves with depths varying between 5 feet and 14 feet. At the time of writing (February 2013) the largest Carp is a 32lb 4oz common. The fish are growing so well here that we hope some of the other large twenties will grow into 30s soon so watch this space!

For more information of the fishing at Upham Farm please either phone , email or visit our website..,

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Fishing Lake at Upham Farm
Fishing Lake at Upham Farm
Great Catch At Upham Farm

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